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Text entry

A text entry question requires a candidate to enter a free text response. The input field accepts limited text and the correct response is set by the Author creating the question.

This question type can be either be automatically or manually marked depending on the scoring type chosen when authoring the question:

Scoring typeDescription
Correct/Incorrect Per DistractorIf either of these options are selected, the question will be automatically marked by the system.

If this option is selected there are two things that may occur:

  • If the candidate enters a response that matches the configured responses exactly, the system will mark it correct
  • If the candidate enters a response that doesn’t match the configured responses exactly, the system will send the response to a Marker for manual marking.

Create a text entry item

  1. Follow the steps covered in the Creating a question section.
  2. Select Text Entry from the Type drop-down field.
  3. Complete the following:
    1. Enter the question into the Question Stem field.
    2. Select the appropriate scoring option from the Scoring Type drop-down field. See the Scoring section to learn more about this. If choosing ‘Per Distractor’, you can also add a minimum and maximum score.
    3. Enter the expected length of the candidate response in the Expected Length drop-down field. This determines the width of the text box displayed to candidates.
    4. Select any restrictions to how candidates can answer the question in the Input Restriction drop-down field (optional). The options are None, Integer, Decimal, Alphabet or Alphanumeric.


      If a restriction is set, options become available to show a hint to candidates on the entry requirements and to permit spaces.

  4. In the Answer Filters section, complete the following:
    1. Determine if you want special characters the candidate may enter to be ignored when marking. The Enable Ignore Specific Characters checkbox is selected by default. If left enabled, the system will ignore specific characters added in the Ignore Specific Characters field below (some characters are in there by default).
    2. Determine if you want to ignore the case of the answer entered. This is selected by default and can be changed by unselecting the Ignore Case checkbox.
    3. Select the Trim Extra Whitespace checkbox (optional) to remove unnecessary spaces used in the candidates answer.
  5. Enter one or more permitted responses in the Match fields. This allows you to use alternative spelling the candidate may use, abbreviations, or allow for leeway on answers.
  6. Select the Regex checkboxes (optional) if you would like the text entry to be treated as a Regex.


    To learn more about building supported regex expressions, visit regexstorm.net.

  7. Select the Save Test Question button to save.

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