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Extended text

An extended text item requires a more detailed and comprehensive written response.

Note: Extended text items types are sometimes referred to as short answers, short text, extended response or essays.

It’s possible for item authors to add media such as images, sound and video to the item stem.

There are a range of settings such as limiting word count and changing the features in the editor. We have covered this in detail below.

In the below example we have used an image in the item stem.

Extended text practice test

Open this test in the Janison test player and complete some examples of extended text items using various settings.

Read more

The fonts used in test player are Helvetica Neue, Helvetica, Arial and sans-serif. It should be noted that Helvetica Neue and Helvetica are non standard fonts and typically only render on apple devices. On any device that doesn’t support these fonts, it falls back to Arial.

Create an extended text item

Navigate to Author > Items.

Select Add Test Item from the Actions drop-down.

The New Test Item screen displays.

Complete the form as required. Below is an example of  an new item we created.

Select Extended Text as the item type and enter the Item stem.

You now have many options to meet your requirements, We’ve labeled them A- G on the screen capture below. We’ve activated some of these in the sample test so that you see how they look to the test-takers.

  1. The Line Count field is optional. Setting this number determines the displayed height in lines of the text entry field for test-takers.
  1. Word Limit – You can optionally set a word limit for test-takers in this field.
  1. Word Limit Action – If left blank or set to Ignore, there is no limit. This setting works in conjunction with the Word Limit Action field above. The options are Ignore, Advise or Restrict.
  1. The Text Editor dropdown changes the type of text editor presented to the test-takers:
    • Simple is a plain text box.
    • Simple Rich Text Editor is a simplified rich text editor only having undo and redo functionality.
    • Detailed Rich Text Editor is the full rich text editor experience.
  1. We have covered the Copy Paste options in the Settings topic below.
  1. You can enable the WIRIS as a MathML editor by checking the Enable MathML option. Read more.
  1. Show Word Count – You can show the word count to the test-taker by checking this option.

When you are ready, save your item.

Marking and setting scores

Extended text item types are human marked.

Once you save the item, a Marking section becomes available. This section gives you options to provide instructions and structured guidelines for markers.

Select the pencil icon .

Enter instructions for the marker in the Marking Rubric field.

The Marking Scheme Components section provides the facility for markers to assign individual points to specific criteria of the response. You can set a Name, add a Description and an Available Score or Half Marks for each component.

In this example, we’ve added 5 components and we’ve set a score of 10 for each component.

If you have created marking scheme components for a different item but they are appropriate to the current item, you can select the related item from the Select the reference Question dropdown, and the marking scheme components will display. This saves you the step of creating new components.

To do this, navigate to the top of the marking section and select the item from the Select the reference Question dropdown, and then select Copy. The marking scheme components relating to that selected item will appear.

Marking screen

The marking scheme components you created appear in the Scoring Pane on the marking screen. Markers select a score for each component.

The Marking Rubric displays below for markers to view.

The Description you entered displays when the marker hovers over the tooltip icon .


Disable copy and paste actions

You can disable copy and paste functions for specific items, or on a site-wide basis. This is useful when the test is delivered in the browser, to prevent test-takers from pasting responses from external sources.

To disable or enable this setting for the tenant, navigate to Settings > Test designer settings.

Open the Item Options expandable.

An option is available to Allow Copy/Paste. If you enable this, you have four options to choose from as the site default:

Enable Copy/Paste Within Text Editor – this setting allows cut/copy/paste only from inside any extended text editors within the test.

Enable Copy/Paste – Text Only – this setting allows cut/copy from within the Replay/Testplayer and pasting into extended text boxes only, in addition this option will strip formatting when pasting.

Enable Copy/Paste – This option is only available if ‘Allow Copy/Paste’ is enabled in test designer settings. This setting allows cut/copy from anywhere and pasting into extended text boxes without stripping formatting.

Disable Copy/Paste – This option prevents cut/copy/paste entirely in extended text items.

If you disable this option, you have three options to choose from as the site default:

A Copy Paste drop-down is available on extended text items so that you can control this per item. The options available in the drop-down are determined by the choices you made in the Item Options expandable as described above.

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