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Survey questions can be used in a test to gather feedback from the candidate. They are created in the same way as other test questions; except they don’t have correct answers and they aren’t scored.

Survey questions are limited to the following:

AInstructionProvides instructional text to candidates.
BSlider interactionProvides candidates with options on a slider. This type of question is good for gauging a candidate’s thoughts or feelings about a particular topic.
CText entryProvides candidates with a text entry box to type their response. This can be restricted to certain types of entries (eg. numeric) and characters.
DMultiple choiceProvides candidates with a set of answers to choose from.
EExtended textProvides candidates with a text entry box for an extended response.
FFile uploadProvides candidates with an upload option to allow them to attach images, documents or media.

Questions in a survey test section appear on a single page.


To learn more about setting up survey test sections, see the Create a survey test section information.

Create a survey

Survey questions are created and managed by selecting Author in the Menu, then selecting Questions.

To create a new survey question:

  1. Select Add Survey Question from the Actions drop-down button.
  2. Follow the steps covered in the Creating a question section.
  3. Select the question type from the Type drop-down field, then refer to the individual question types for steps on how to create that question type:

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