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Janison CLS supports different currency formats, different languages and multiple languages.

Select Settings > Languages.

Currency format

  1. Select the required currency for use in the CLS.

  1. Select the required currency prefix for use in the CLS.

The Format field displays how your current settings will be displayed.

Two Letter Region CodeAU $12,345.67
Three Letter Region CodeAUS $12,345.67
ISO Currency CodeAUD $12,345.67

Language setting or Default Culture

The CLS will attempt to display in the language set in the user’s browser. If Multilingual Support is off or there is no matching supported language, then the language from this Default Culture option will be used. If this is set to none the CLS will inherit the setting from the Global tenant.

  1. Select the required Default Culture (language) for use in the CLS.

Date Format

Select the required date format. For example English (Australia) for {dd,mm,yyyy} or English (United States) for {mm,dd,yyyy}.

  1. Select Save Settings.

Multilingual Support

Janison CLS supports multiple languages. To enable this feature please contact Janison support services. Hundreds or thousands of string resources will need to be translated. To learn more about the steps to do this please read the document on String Resources. Once setup, a user can swap languages at the bottom right of their screen.

As an example this would look like:

In English

En français