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Entity versioning


Software versioning is the assignment of unique version names or numbers to unique states of software. The Janison CLS uses numbers. Versions are made up of major and minor components. The major version is to the left of the decimal place, the minor to the right. For example 1.53 has a major version of 1 and a minor version of 53.

  • An entity starts at version 0.01 when it is first created or imported.
  • Every time an entity is saved the minor version number increases by 0.01.
  • Modifications to metadata increase the minor version number by 0.01 every time a metadata set is saved.
  • If the minor version reaches .99 the increment changes to 0.001. If it reaches .999, the increment changes to 0.0001.
  • When an entity transitions to the management review workflow state, the major version is increased by 1 and the minor reset to zero (e.g. 0.55 would become 1.00).

Note that if a Resource or Stimulus that belongs to a Question is updated, the version number of the Question will not automatically update.

Versioning can be applied to the following entities;

  • Questions
  • Stimulus
  • Resources
  • Tests
TriggerVersion change
New entity created or Imported.Begins at 0.01
Entity savedThe minor version number increases by 0.01.
Workflow transitions:
  • from: draft, internal review, requires modification or modification review
  • to: management review
The version increases by an increment of 1.0

Enable Versioning

Versioning will only become available on the details page of each entity if it has been enabled in Settings.

Versioning for Resources and Stimuli

Navigate to Settings > Resource Settings and click on either the Resource Options or Stimulus Options subsection.

  • Ensure the check box beside Enable versioning for resources / stimuli has a tick.
  • Scroll down and click Save Resource Designer Settings to complete the process.

Versioning for Tests and Questions

Navigate to Settings > Test Designer Settings and click on either the Test Options or Question Options subsection.

  • Ensure the checkbox beside Enable versioning for questions / tests has a tick.
  • Scroll down and click Save Test Designer Settings to complete the process.

View the Version Number

To view the version number of the entity navigate to the details page of the entity. Below is an example of a version on a resource.