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Terms of Use


Terms of Use was designed to ensure that users accept Terms of Use prior to being able to use the site.

Enable Self-Registration

To make this feature available you will need to enable Self-Registration.
  1. Navigate to the Settings > User Settings
  2. Open the Self-Registration Form section.
  3. From the Self-Registration dropdown pick the Registration form on a separate page option
  1. Save your settings


  1. Navigate to Settings > Terms of Use
  2. Check Require Terms of Use on Registration
  3. Set your Terms of Use Label – this is what users will see when registering to your site
  4. Enter the text you would like to appear for the user to accept in the Terms of Use editor.
  1. The Terms of use URL overwrites the Terms of Use description at the bottom of the page. The URL is used when you already have a Terms of Use page on another web site and you would like to use it.
Note: PDFs with URLs can also be linked
  1. Save your changes.

End User Experience

A link will appear on the registration form of the site login page. The text of the link will reflect the text of the Terms of Use Label. A pop-up will appear when the link is clicked.  The user must check the box or they will not be permitted to access the site without doing so.