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User Enrolment Rules


User enrolment Rules are used to automatically enrol specified Users into Catalogue Items, either when they register on the site or when a daily check is run by the system. The rules can be useful tools for managing mandatory training as they can monitor the learning in these enrolments and automatically create new enrolments in the learning before it expires.

To manage User Enrolment Rules navigate to Settings > User Enrolment Rules.

Add an Enrolment Rule

To add a rule navigate to Settings > User enrolment Rules and click the Add User Enrolment Rule button.

  1. Type a relevant Name.
  2. Type an Identifier. The identifier will prepopulate based on the Name field, changing it is optional.
  3. Type an optional Description that would help you identify this rules purpose.
  4. Select or clear Active for this Enrolment Rule to operate/idle.
  5. Enter a Primary Contact. The primary contact will receive an email after the rule is run. The message template used for this email is ActionRule-UserEnrolmnentRuleRun.
  6. Enter an optional End Date. The User Enrolment Rule will no longer run after this date is reached.

What does this Rule Enrol Users for?

This section gives you the option to select one or more Catalogue Items for the enrolment rule. It also provides settings for controlling due and expiry dates as well as reenrol Intervals.

Catalogue Item

To add a Catalogue Item to the rule:

  1. Search for the required Catalogue Item.
  2. Select the Add button.

To remove a Catalogue:

  1. Item click the  icon.

Note: multiple Catalogue Items can be added if required.

No due Date

This setting will not specify a due date on the Catalogue Item. The Catalogue Item or Items can be completed at any time.

Due date after a period

The period entered here will specify a date when the learning is due to be completed. The learner will see the due date on the catalogue tile when they access their My Learning page.

Absolute Due date

This field functions the same as the above Due date after a period, the difference being an absolute date is set.

Expiry Date

Use this option if this learning expires after some time, and Users must re-do it in order to keep their learning up to date. In the above example the Apply First Aid will expire 2 years after completion. The learner will see the expiry date on the catalogue tile when they access their My Learning page.

Reenroll Interval

The time frame set here will determine when the enrolment rule will re-enrol the User in the Catalogue Item after the first enrolment. By combining the two example settings above, the learner will be automatically re-enrolled by the re-enrolment rule in 23 months. This means that the learner will be able to access and complete the Catalogue Item before it expires.

Notify Users

If this option is checked, learners will receive a notification when the enrolment rule is run and they are enrolled in the Catalogue Item. The Message Template used for this email is the Enrolment-LearnerConfirmation.

Note: Reminder notifications can be configured to notify Learners and Managers of Expiring and Due Dates. For further information please see the document on Reminder notifications.

Which Users does this Rule Apply to?

You can use these filters to specify which Users you would like to target for the enrolment. In the below example we have set all Users in the Group First aid officers to be enrolled. For further information on using the filters please see the document on Building Filters.

When Should the Rule Apply?

There are 2 ways in which User Enrolment Rules can operate, when a learner registers in the system and/or when the system runs a daily check.

On Self Registration

One or more fields on the registration form can be used as the filter for the User Enrolment Rule. As the User registers the rule is triggered. For example if a User selects the Group First Aid Officers in the registration form, when they click the Sign Up button the rule will run and enrol them in the Catalogue Item specified in the rule.

Please see the document on Self-Registration form for further information on registration.

Daily Check

The daily check will be run by a system schedule which is set at the global level of the Tenant. This is usually set to run at 2 am daily.

Testing a Rule

To ensure that you have the rule set up correctly and also to check who will be affected by the rule or to run the rule, a Test feature is available.

To test an enrolment rule:

Browse to Settings > User Enrolment Rules.

1. Find and Select an Enrolment Rule.

  1. SelectTest Action Rule.

A page will open with 3 tabs:

  • a – The To Be Enrolled tab shows the users who will be enrolled when the rule is run.
  • b – The Already Enrolled tab shows the users who have already been enrolled by this rule.
  • c – The All tab show both the users to be enrolled and those users already enrolled.

If the list of users in the To Be Enrolled tab do not match the users you would like to, it is a good idea to return to the User Enrolment Rule and adjust the filter options before continuing.

  1. Select Run Now.

Note: After selecting Run Now, the users in the To Be Enrolled tab will be enrolled into the courses and moved to the Already Enrolled tab.

Recent Activities

User Enrolment Rules contain an advanced audit log which allow administrators to keep track of the changes to a User Enrolment Rule. They also log each successful run of the User Enrolment Rule, providing an easy way to confirm that the system is working correctly.

  1. Select the Recent Activities section within a User Enrolment Rule to see the audit log.
  2. Select Show details for more information on a log entry where available.