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Token Based Payments


With the use of Token Based Payments, providers are able to order Token Codes and distribute them to their users.

Tokens are pre-purchased by Buyers or Administration and grant users access to courses which would otherwise require payment on enrolment.

Token Orders are best used against Catalogue Items where there is an enrolment fee but also a limited number of seats or licensed uses of the learning.

Initial Settings – Self Enrolment Settings

For Token Based Payments to function the payment based, self-enrolment setting must be activated.

Browse to Settings > Self Enrolment Settings.

  1. Select Allow Enrolment Method override per Catalogue Item.
  2. Select Self-enrolment (Paid).
  3. Select Save Settings.
If the items described in this document are missing from your site, the plugin may not be active. Please contact your account manager for assistance.

Initial Settings – Catalogue Items

Before you can order Tokens you must first have your catalogue items setup to allow Tokens to be used against them.

Browse to Manage Learning > Manage Catalogue.

  1. Select Add Catalogue Item.

  1. Set a Price for the Catalogue Item.
  2. Select the Self Enrolment Settings section.
  3. Set the Enrolment Method dropdown to Self-enrolment (Paid).
  4. Set the Payment Method to TokenBasedPayment Method can have multiple methods at once.

Select Save Catalogue Item.

Creating Token Orders

Adding Token Orders

Browse to Manage Learning > Token Orders.

  1. Select Add Token Order.

  1. Select a user as the Buyer of these Tokens.
  2. Select the Course these Tokens will apply to.
  3. Select the Number Of Tokens to be purchased for distribution.
  4. Input a unique Invoice Number for the purchase of these Tokens (optional).
  5. Input a unique Customer Purchase Order code (optional).
  6. Input the Buyer’s billing address.
  7. Select the group which users who enrol via the Token will be placed into.
  8. Select Save Enrolment Token Orders.

Requesting Token Orders

Users who do not have the role privileges to Add Token Orders must Request Token Orders.

To Request Token Orders browse to Manage My Tokens from the Home Page.

  1. Select Request Token Order.

  1. Select the Course these tokens will apply to.
  2. Select the number of tokens to be purchased for distribution.
  3. Input your billing address.
  4. Select Save Enrolment Token Order.

Processing Orders

When a Token Order is created it is placed into a Requested Status. This means the order has been placed but has not been finalised. During this time, no Tokens have been generated.

Approving Token Orders

To approve a Token Order, browse to Manage Learning > Token Orders. Here you will find a list of outstanding, approved and cancelled Token Orders.

  1. Select the Token Order you wish to approve.

  1. Select the Change dropdown menu next to the Token Order’s Status.
  2. Select Finish Processing. A popup window will appear.

  1. Select Yes to approve the Token Order and generate the Tokens.

After a short load time, the Status of the Token Order will change to Processed and the Tokens will be generated.

Cancelling Token Orders

Token Orders can be cancelled at any time.

  1. Select the Change dropdown menu.
  2. Select Cancel. A confirmation pop-up will display.

  1. Select Yes to confirm the cancellation.

Cancelling a Token Order will invalidate unredeemed Tokens and change the Status of the Token Order to Cancelled.

Managing Tokens

Token Status

To view the status of Tokens, browse to Manage Learning > Token Orders and select a Token Order. As a Buyer, you are able to access your Token Orders through the homepage by selecting Manage My Tokens.

  1. Select the Tokens section to see the status of the Tokens.

Within the Tokens section, you will find information on the three different statuses of a Token.

  • A – Tokens redeemed by users will display that user’s name, their enrolment status and the enrolment date.
  • B – Tokens which have been cancelled will display as cancelled under the enrolment status. These codes cannot be redeemed by anyone.
  • C – Tokens which have not been redeemed will display with no data against them. These Tokens are available and can be redeemed unless the Token Order is cancelled.

Emailing Tokens

Once a Token Order has been processed, the Tokens must be sent to the Buyer for distribution.

Browse to Manage Learning > Token Orders and select the Token Order to send.

  1. Select Email list of available Tokens.

This will send an email to the Buyer containing a list of all the Tokens. They are then able to distribute these Tokens however they see fit.

Cancelling Tokens

Browse to Manage Learning > Token Orders and select an existing Token Order.

  1. Select Cancel Tokens.

  1. Input the Number Of Tokens to be cancelled.
  2. Input the Refund Amount. This value does not autofill, ensure you input the refunded amount.
  3. Select Save Token Order Cancellation.

After saving, the system will cancel unused Tokens of the specified amount. Redeemed Tokens cannot be cancelled.

Token Cancellation / Refunds

Past cancellations and refunds can be reviewed within the Token Order.

  1. Select the Token Cancellations / Refunds section.

Here you can view all past cancellations and refunds for this Token Order.

Redeeming Tokens

When Token Orders have been processed and their Tokens generated Users can receive Tokens either from the Buyer or Administration. Tokens are redeemed by users on enrolment. Browse to a catalogue item where TokenBased payment is enabled.

  1. Select Enrol.

  1. Select Token Code as the payment method.
  2. Enter the Token within the Token Code input.
  3. Select Next.

  1. Review the enrolment.
  2. Select Finish.